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Kelly Wilson

Senior Associate, Operations

Kelly is a Senior Operations Associate at LabCentral 238. She helps build community among residents and LC staff. She is primarily responsible for ideating and executing 238 resident programming—including celebrations like Lunar New Year, Pi Day, and many other fun events. Kelly helps communicate what is happening in the community by composing the 238 weekly newsletter and creating signage. Being on the Operations team, she also onboards new residents into all of the systems LabCentral and our resident companies use to function on a daily basis. You can find her greeting everyone at the concierge desk with a smiling face and bright ‘hello’. Kelly has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies from Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC. She started her career in science education and still loves helping people on hikes identify the birds they’re seeing.

Favorite Science Project: My favorite science experiment has to be my undergraduate research thesis. I camped out for six weeks on a barrier island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina studying the social behavior of wild horses. The goal of my study was to see if harem behavior changed in the presence of tourists! I ended up sharing all my data with the National Park Service as well. It was great to get a taste of field research all while enjoying one of the most beautiful places in the country. I also had the benefit of meeting my husband, Evan, who was also doing research on the horses. All in all, it was quite a life-changing experience!