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Anneka Cialdea

Senior Manager, Lab Operations

Anneka Cialdea is the senior lab manager at Lab Central 238. Anneka manages all aspects of lab operations from asset management to overseeing lab procedures and processes to ensure safety and efficiency.  Anneka brings over twelve years of laboratory and scientific expertise to her role at LabCentral. Anneka formerly worked as a pre-clinical scientist researching various rare disease, cardiovascular and metabolic drug targets at several large pharma companies before moving into a role in operations. Anneka holds a bachelor of Veterinary Science from Mount Ida College and graduated from Brown University with a masters in Biology. In her spare time you can catch her underwater with her SCUBA gear!

Favorite School Project: "My first grade science fair project which launched my love of science - finding out which common household items cleaned coins the best, and learning about acids and bases in the process."