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Julie Fields

Lead, Lab Operations

Julie Fields is a lab operations lead at LabCentral. She provides overall support in improving, standardizing, and monitoring internal laboratory procedures to insure maximum functionality and efficiency. Julie previously worked at Brigham and Women’s Surgical Oncology department where she gained a wide array of administrative and customer service experience and knowledge. Prior to working at the hospital, Julie worked at multiple animal rescues, research vivarium facilities, aquariums and zoos. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Dickinson College.

Favorite Science Project: “I was lucky enough to work with large Boa Constrictors. I researched the evolutionary factors influencing differences in body size of two different populations of Boas. I worked directly with the snakes. In addition to providing daily care, I measured them every month. One of my favorite fun facts about myself is that I have been bitten by a snake before and lived to tell about it!"