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John Murphy

Manager, Facilities

John is a Facilities Manager at LabCentral 238. John provides leadership for the 238 facilities team overseeing the “human body” aka, the office and lab spaces to ensure that the building systems and end user components work in harmony with one another. John ensures a healthy, safe, comfortable, and sustainable work and research environment for LabCentral’s residents, employees, and visitors. John has 25+ years’ experience in the facilities and construction industry.   

In his free time John enjoys volunteer opportunities with Lions International, Greater Boston Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Adaptive Sports NE, IFMA Boston and the Audubon Society.

When not giving back to the community, John enjoys hiking with his Golden Retriever, Piper, playing pond hockey with his 3 boys, and trying new restaurants – He is on the constant quest for the “perfect burger” in New England.

Favorite school science project: My most memorable science experiment was in middle school. We were mixing hydrochloride (commonly found in pipe cleaner) with aluminum foil which created a very memorable powerful and resonating combination. This taught me to always wear PPE…and run fast.