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Ian Buckley

Associate, Facilities

Ian helps oversee the LabCentral 238 facilities by providing shipping/receiving services and finding effective ways to streamline this process. He also provides services with lab turnover coordination, and repairs within the facility, SOP documentation and any other resident requests that surface. Prior to working at LabCentral, Ian worked as a facilities specialist, as well as a project coordinator for renovations. These experiences have provided him with the skills to maintain and improve LabCentral 238.

Some of Ian's hobbies include camping, hiking, and playing piano. When not at work, you can find Ian in Hooksett, NH with his wife and 9-year-old dog Ozzy. Ian and his wife are expecting their first baby, (girl) and she’s due on Turkey Day! The bun is already in the oven!

Favorite Science Experiment: I'm going to have to go all the way back to 6th grade when I had to create an invention and present the idea to my classmates. I created an ottoman made from 2X4's and a 4X8. I also added a cushion on top. It was made for dogs to sit on and look outside. I was prepping for my career in facilities.