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Harold Escobar

Associate Manager, Facilities

Harold Escobar is the Associate Manager at LabCentral. He supports the facilities team by maintaining the appearance, cleanliness, and functionality of LabCentral’s core infrastructure, responding to daily facilities requests and performing preventive maintenance around the building. Harold has over 14 years of experience working as a lab technician and coordinator in the pharmaceutical and research fields and has expertise in managing chemical and lab consumables. Harold brings with him vast experience with lab equipment and LN/Co2 cylinders, and can also assist with carpentry, plumbing, and electrical or mechanical equipment.

Harold studied Business Administration at the University of Guayaquil in Ecuador and continues studying English as a second language. Recently, he started taking courses on HVAC-R to diversify his ability on the facilities. In his free time, Harold enjoys climbing and cycling, dancing salsa and merengue, and discussing nutrition and politics. 

Favorite school science project: "When I had 12 years old, I remember to brighten a dark area of my home, I can use a potato and light bulb with a few other elements to create light. I placed two pennies, two zinc-plated nails into the potato and connect to three pieces of copper wire and a very small light bulb. Now I practice this experiment with my child to power a clock making the potato act as a battery."