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Gary Nguyen

Operations Manager

Gary is an Operations Manager at LabCentral. He oversees daily operations which include resident onboarding, facility amenities, and resident support. Gary works collaboratively with residents to provide them with a positive LabCentral experience so they can grow their science and change the world!

Gary earned his bachelor's degree in Business Management from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and he has over 17 years of operations management experience. Activities he enjoys outside of work include cooking, home improvement projects, tennis, and nerdy interests such as Star Wars!

Favorite Science Project: The one that stands out to me was a high school project we did for biology. We were tasked with creating yogurt by gathering bacteria and growing it in a petri dish. Where would a high school boy think to find bacteria to swab you ask?? Of course the restroom! Little did we know, we were offered the chance to eat our homegrown yogurt at the end of the project. I politely declined.