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Garima Bhardwaj

Associate Director, Development & Partnerships, Ignite

Garima Bhardwaj is the Associate Director of Partnerships and Development on the Ignite team at LabCentral. She is responsible for strategic outreach, partnership development, fundraising and client/sponsor relationship management for LabCentral Ignite.

Prior to joining LabCentral, Garima worked as the Associate Director of Community and Boston Build Up at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, contributing to the strategy, communication, community, and change management efforts for the Research and Early Development teams in the Greater Boston Area. She holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston and a M.S. in Project Management from Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Harrisburg, PA.

When not at work, Garima enjoys being active in the gym, spending time outdoors, traveling, and exploring new cultures and cuisines.

Favorite Science Experiment: I always enjoyed any demonstrations that involved liquid nitrogen or dry ice, whether it was making liquid nitrogen ice cream or making frozen bubbles with dry ice.