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Gardenia Pimentel

Associate, Operations

Gardenia Pimentel is the Operations Associate at the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab. She works with the Operations Lead to provide general operations support to residents in varying capacities. Gardenia will also be the main point of contact for procurement for the residents, assisting them with all their purchasing needs from purchase to delivery. She has previous lab experience after a brief stint in Biochemistry, but the past few years have been occupied with her work in the higher education field at her alma mater and Emerson College’s Los Angeles campus. Outside of work, Gardenia enjoys sports, reading, traveling with friends and trying every food imaginable.

Gardenia earned her Bachelor’s in Sociology from Bowdoin College.

Favorite Science Experiment: My favorite science project was in college Developmental Biology, where I saw every stage of embryotic development of a chicken by cutting off the top of the egg and incubating it. It’s wild to watch the complicated processes of life happen right before your eyes.