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Shawn Ayube

Director, Life Lab

Shawn is the Director of the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab. He serves on the senior leadership teams of LabCentral and the Harvard Innovation Labs and oversees all aspects of the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, where he helps to accelerate the progress of the resident startups. Shawn has over 20 years of experience in the pharma/biotech industry in organizations ranging from startup stage to world leading biotech. His early work which has been presented at conferences and published in leading journals was in separation science supporting therapeutic discovery. Prior to joining LabCentral, Shawn spent several years at Amgen most recently managing research operations for all of the discovery research groups at the Cambridge, MA site. He earned his BS in Biochemistry from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MBA from the University of Phoenix, and MS in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Florida. He is heavily involved in his hometown, serving on the Board of Health and as an elected official, is on the advisory board of Rilas Technologies, and most importantly is a proud husband and father of three children.

Favorite school science project: "I was hanging a clock while standing on a toilet and slipped, hitting my head on the sink. When I came to, I had a vision of a flux capacitor and drew up a schematic of what would become the key to making time travel possible".