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David Warshaw

Senior Associate, Operations

David is the Senior Associate of Operations for the LabCentral at 700 Main Street and LabCentral 610. He makes sure the snacks and coffee are always full and helps the Operations Team in any way possible. Prior to working at LabCentral, David went to Culinary School at Southern New Hampshire University where he received a Bachelors in Hospitality Management. After working for many years as a Chef in various kitchens including the one at USAP’s South Pole Research Station, David decided to pursue a different passion of his and went to Massage Therapy School. Since about 2015 he has worked as a massage therapist in the Boston area and currently has his own massage practice on Beacon Street in the Back Bay. David enjoys traveling and experiencing fun new places as well as a good walk in the woods. If you have questions about his experience at the South Pole, please do not hesitate to ask him!


Favorite Science Experiment:  I don’t have a favorite experiment from school that comes to mind, but I do enjoy nature and any science that goes with it. I suppose every time I plant a seed and it grows into something, that would be my favorite experiment.