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Darrell Interess

Senior Manager, Safety Services & Facilities Operations

Darrell Interess is the senior manager of safety services and facilities operations at LabCentral. Darrell manages the overall safety programs and operations of LabCentral-managed facilities. He also provides strategic and project management support for opening new spaces. As an undergraduate, Darrell held internships as a gelatin plant laboratory technician and in facilities for a drug-discovery company. For much of his career, Darrell put his love of science and the environment to use as an engineer cleaning up groundwater and soil contamination, and as a wastewater treatment service manager with Triumvirate Environmental. Darrell is active with the Association for Facilities Engineering and New England Water Environmental Association and holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and geology from Tufts University, along with professional certifications as a maintenance manager and wastewater treatment operator. Darrell is always up for a conversation about bicycles, lawn care, and cars (he has attended the Indianapolis 500 eleven times).

Favorite school science project: “We were given only wire and magnets to build a speaker, then had to find our own materials to wrap the coil and build the woofer cone. You wouldn’t consider the sound of my speaker as high fidelity, but it was neat to listen to the radio on something I made myself.”