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Danielle Tremblay

Senior Associate, Operations

Danielle is a Senior Operations Associate at LabCentral 610, where she specializes in building relationships with residents through events and communications, as well as different stocking different chip flavors. Prior to LabCentral, Danielle had worked in roles at TD Garden as well as casino marketing at Encore Boston Harbor where she learned the ins and outs of multitasking and making people laugh. In her spare time, Danielle enjoys trying new recipes, candle shopping, and quality time with friends.


Favorite science experiment: My favorite science experiment when I was in high school was when we got to dissect a frog. While I had up until them only thought of it as a horror based on TV shows and movies, the up close experience of really seeing the ins and outs of biology was something that was worth every second of the less than pleasant smell.