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Daniel Costa

Associate, Lab Operations

Daniel is a Lab Operations Associate and his main tasks involve asset management and cold storage allocation. He's in charge of ensuring lab equipment is running properly, making calls to our sponsors and vendors when things need to be serviced, and providing maintenance. Daniel also keeps track of residents' cold storage and ensures that their needs are well taken care of. He's held a few different lab positions in past roles, each one focusing on something different, so those broad experiences led him to enjoy all aspects of lab work. He has his Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Natural Resource Conservation from UMASS Amherst. Wildlife and Sustainability is also a great professional interest of his.

Outside of work, Daniel really enjoy the outdoors, especially hiking in new places and bird watching. Another passion of his is live music. He's always going to concerts or weekend-long festivals, or heading to bars to enjoy live local music.

Favorite Science Experiment: One of my favorite science experiments is actually one I performed for the science fair in middle school. It was determining the effect that music has on people’s resting heart rate. The combination of music as well as the formulation of scientific thinking has always made this experiment stick with me. Simple, yet informative and fun!