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Cole LeTourneau

Assistant, Lab Operations

Cole LeTourneau is an assistant on the lab operations team. He obtained his B.S. in Human Biology and minor in Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego in June of 2020. He previously worked at California Institute for Biomedical Research (CALIBR) as an HTS Intern working in the high throughput screening lab while at UCSD. As assistant, lab operations at LabCentral, Cole helps maintain the general open lab equipment and stocks open lab spaces with consumables and other supplies. He provides support for day to day lab operations, implementation of lab policies, and is working to increase organization, efficiency, and overall cleanliness of shared spaces in the open labs and TC rooms. 

"My favorite science project was in 8th grade when my best friend and I made a potato gun cannon. We used PVC pipe, axe body spray, and a sparking system that allowed for us to pull the trigger, igniting the axe spray and firing the potato. We created a tripod for the cannon allowing for the change of trajectory of the potato.  It worked incredibly well and the potato could fly close to 100 yards when positioned correctly."