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Colby Dowell

Manager, Site Operations

Colby Dowell is the lab operations associate manager at LabCentral 610. She manages day-to-day lab operations, oversees facilities operations, and upholds environmental health and safety programs. Colby also supports LabCentral’s imaging equipment and vivarium space. Colby has worked in academic research labs focusing on treating neurological disorders and in a variety of customer service roles. She brings with her expertise in preclinical research, imaging, and laboratory operations. Colby earned her bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from St. Lawrence University and received her master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Alberta where she researched stroke treatments in translational models.

Favorite school science project: "I took a research methods in microscopy course during my undergrad. One of our projects was to image plant samples, which naturally auto fluoresce, that we found around campus using the confocal microscope. It was amazing to see the beauty of nature at the microscopic level, especially in seemingly ordinary plants like a blade of grass, a daffodil petal, or lettuce from a deli sandwich. I even printed some of the images as decorative art."