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Clancy Gonzales

Manager, Office & HR

Clancy Gonzales is the office & human resources manager at LabCentral. She organizes and maintains office operations and human resources, and oversees the day to day activities of our operations associates. In addition she provides support for the numerous events and tours that take place in our building. Clancy brings many years of customer service to LabCentral through her previous work as a corporate trainer and a sales and office manager.  Clancy earned her bachelor’s degree in communications from The University of Texas in San Antonio.

Favorite school science project: “My favorite science experiment as a kid was growing beans in three different kinds of soil. I wanted to see if paying for 'good' soil really made a difference.  I used dirt from my backyard, potting soil, and dirt I got from near a river close to my house. I let the bean plants grow for about a month and the plant in the potting soil grew the tallest with the one in river dirt second and backyard dirt plant coming in last!”