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Celina Chang

Vice President, Science Operations & Strategic Relationships

Celina Chang is the vice president of science operations and strategic partnerships at LabCentral. She leads corporate operations pertaining to science, technology and strategic relationships (EHS, IT and business development) and is an advisor for onsite lab operations. She explores strategic expansion opportunities for LabCentral and plays a key role in the design, buildout activities and launch for expansion projects such as the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab, MIT’s The Engine, LabCentral’s 700 Main Street expansion, LabCentral 610 and LabCentral 238. She began her career in process development working on pediatric viral vaccines with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals then shifted her focus to tissue engineering for both topical and implantable biological medical devices. Prior to joining LabCentral, she spent close to two years as a senior scientist at InVivo Therapeutics, a company developing groundbreaking technologies for the treatment of spinal cord injuries (SCI) and more than six years at Pervasis Therapeutics, a company advancing new therapies to improve dramatically the outcomes of common vascular interventions. She joined the company while it was still an early-stage biotech and was instrumental in advancing several of its products through clinical trials. Pervasis was acquired by Shire. Celina earned her bachelor’s degree in bioengineering from Cornell University.

Favorite school science project: “We grew mutant tadpoles in high school biochemistry. I named him Fred.”