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Camille Serelus

Associate Program Manager, Ignite

Camille Serelus is the Associate Program Manager of Ignite at LabCentral. In her role, she manages the workforce readiness and lab skills training program, Career Forge. Before joining the LabCentral team, Camille worked in higher education supporting students mental and physical wellbeing through medical school and in public health research at a local non-profit. Camille earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Northeastern University and her Masters degree in Public Health from Boston University. In addition to fostering social equity, Camille is a passionate barre and yoga instructor. In her free time, you will most likely find her walking along the beach or exploring her beloved North Shore.

Favorite school science project: "In grade school, I learned that there are minerals within in a potato that can power a small battery. My dad had my sister and I do the potato battery experiment and it worked!"