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Brian Madrigal

Senior Associate, Operations

Brian Madrigal is an operations associate at LabCentral and assists IT and various areas of the Operations team. Previously, Brian has been involved in the tech community through an organization called Resilient Coders - a program that trains young people for tech careers. He has completed a Web Design Bootcamp, held positions as a UX design intern and apprentice, and has lived in Los Angeles while working at Bird as an operations specialist. His background exemplifies his passion for applied learning and innovation which is why he naturally gravitated towards LabCentral. During his free time, Brian plays soccer and produces short films. In the future, Brian wants to build a startup.

Favorite school science project:I tested which environment a seed sprouts the fastest. I planted the same type of seeds in soil, a water container, and a humid sponge then added the necessary nutrients to all environments and the seeds that sprouted the fastest were in a humid sponge.”