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Ben Naismith

Senior Associate, IT

Ben Naismith is a senior IT associate on the information technology team at LabCentral. He maintains the technical systems used by residents and LabCentral employees. Ben also helps to identify creative solutions for the technical problems that one might run into on any given day. He also works proactively to improve the processes and infrastructure at LabCentral, with the goal of improved security and seamless user experience. Ben brings a background of more than 7 years of experience in technical support, customer service, and operational workspace management, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Salem State University.

“I’ve always loved watching how different species interact in their ecosystems, and I think that interest was sparked in middle school when my science class scooped a big bucket of water, mud, algae, and other flora into an aquarium, and then spent the next few weeks observing all of the different organisms and species interactions under magnifying glasses. It’s a not an experiment in the true sense of the scientific method since it was literally just observation, but it was one of the more impactful experiences that has stuck with me over the years.”