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Allyssa Miller

Lead, Lab Operations

Allyssa is the Lab Operations Lead at the Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab. She manages the shared equipment and operational workflow of the lab space, networks with resident scientists to understand and facilitate their goals by providing technical trainings and establishing connections with Harvard research cores, and she collaborates with Harvard and LabCentral on all EHS-related aspects of the space. Prior to coming to LabCentral, Allyssa earned her PhD in Genetics from Texas A&M University, where she served as lab manager for 8 years. Allyssa’s research focused on sub-cellular organization of biological processes in bacteria, and she loves geeking out over microbes with Life Lab residents. In her free time, Allyssa enjoys working out, being outside in all types of weather, eating her boyfriend’s sourdough pizza, and making her 5 month old daughter cackle.

Favorite Science Experiment: I’ve known I wanted to “do science” since my 12th grade Anatomy and Physiology class, where the scope of molecular interactions first clicked. It wasn’t until my junior year of college when I visited my Biochemistry professor’s lab that I understood what “do science” meant. I had all the book knowledge, but for the first time I saw how that knowledge could be used for both asking and answering questions. “Docs” lab was my first and most rewarding research experience. I thought being able to go to bed knowing one thing and waking up learning another just based on experimental results was fascinating – I still do!