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Alex Pontes-Rosa

Associate, Facilities

Alex is on the Facilities team and is primarily focused on shipping and receiving. He receives packages from different couriers and will sort and log them for all of our resident companies and LabCentral employees. His job is to make the resident’s experience with packages run as smoothly as possible. He also helps with the maintenance of the building at 700 Main Street, from painting and patching to helping with lab turnovers. He received his bachelors from Boston College with a focus in Criminal & Social Justice. In his free time, he enjoys being with friends and family, traveling to new places, and trying out new foods from the many different cultures that the Boston area has to offer!

Favorite School Science Project: My favorite science project was when we got to dissect an octopus in middle school. I was able to learn about how interesting their bodies are and discovered that they have 3 hearts and a beak!