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Abby Johnson

Director, Accounting

Abby Johnson is the accounting director at LabCentral. She oversees the accounting and purchasing department and is responsible for the oversight of day to day finance and accounting operations at LabCentral, LabCentral 610, and the Harvard Life Lab. Prior to her role at LabCentral, Abby worked for 9 years as a financial analyst, specializing in budgeting, forecasting, and tracking of programs as well as the implementation of new financial and HR systems. Her prior experience is with Science Applications International Corporation where she supported a variety of telecommunications projects ranging from one person support agreements to programs with over 1000 employees. Abby earned her bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Illinois.

Favorite school science project: “For my seventh grade science fair project, I tested the relationship between yellow and white paint and how they conduct heat. After many years of overheating on the school bus, I wanted to prove that they should all be painted white on top! While my lab setup was much what you would expect from a middle school kid, I did get the results I wanted.”