LabCentral offers a fertile environment in which visionaries can thrive

Sponsorship Opportunities

LabCentral continues to seek partners from the pharmaceutical, biotech, and analytical instrument industry to fund startup and program costs through a variety of sponsorship opportunities and donations of capital equipment. Benefits of sponsorship are substantial. In addition to public recognition as a leading supporter of innovation through LabCentral, programs are designed to help channel the flow of information and technology among partners. Sponsors will be able to interact with entrepreneurs developing potentially game-changing technology and will have access to the considerable start-up talent resident at LabCentral. There will also be ample opportunities to interact with other life sciences leaders in industry, academia, government, and the investment community. Specific benefits of sponsorship include:

Recognition, Publicity, Access

  • Visible presence at our high-level events, mention in the press, display of corporate logo on our donor wall, website, and collateral material (depending on level of sponsorship)
  • Access to talent – our startup entrepreneurs include some of the brightest and most highly motivated scientists
  • Public recognition as a supporter of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Access to our companies and new technologies for licensing, partnering, and acquisition opportunities
  • Access to highly qualified clients and future customers

Golden Tickets

LabCentral founding, platinum, and gold sponsors can receive Golden Tickets, depending on membership level, which afford the holder the same rights as a fully paying user of LabCentral’s shared lab. Each Golden Ticket represents a priority spot for residency ahead of other companies and/or a voucher for prepaid rent for one reserved bench in LabCentral’s shared laboratory for one year, including benefit of LabCentral’s shared infrastructure and services (such as conference rooms, permits, shared equipment and facilities, participation in LabCentral training modules, seminars, etc). Sponsors can transfer the ticket to a promising startup that they would like to support.

To become a LabCentral sponsor, or to learn more, contact:

Johannes Fruehauf
Phone: 617-863-3641