Sparking the next-generation of human potential


Talent demand in the life sciences industry outpaces training

  • With high demand STEM positions taking on average 40-70 days to fill, there is a huge demand for talent
  • Employment in biopharma in Massachusetts grew by 45% in 2019

Diversity in our industry lags; the industry is comprised of 3% of people of African descent and 16% of Hispanics/Latinos despite accounting 33% of the overall workforce, respectively.

  • STEM fields have been riddled with persistent representation gaps. There is also a wide gender and racial representation gap in the biotech industry at all levels; only 12% of biotech CEOs are people of color and only 30% are women.

Local nonprofits doing this work are fragmented

  • Of the many organizations we've spoken to, a small percentage have partnerships or relationships with other NGOs doing similar work or serving the same stakeholders.
  • Many organizations see legitimate need to build solutions to problems that others are already addressing rather than leaning in on their strengths.

A concerned industry is investing in these efforts, but it is disorganized

  • Our industry partners are doing charitable giving, volunteering, and running internship programs, but they are do not know what their colleagues are doing at other organizations or how their work plugs into the work of others to create collective impact.